I’ll be Home for Christmas

1984, 137 minutes

Directed By:Brian McKenzie
Cast:John Collins, Frank Pardy, David Ryan, Trevor Wilson

Homelessness, alcoholism, dreams and despair. Five men tell their story.

This documentary is a about a group of men in inner Melbourne who are lacking a home. They are also, as they say of themselves, in the grip of the grape. Filmed over in the early 1980’s this lengthy study presents its outcast figures as warm hearted, funny and a close knit caring group of men who have lost their families, lost their foothold and exist on the periphery of the modern bustling city awkwardly confronting its sense of purpose and propriety.

Winner of the Eucumenical award at Nyon International Documentary Festival and finalist in the AFI awards.

No, dead set we enjoy ourselves, at least we’ve got freedom. We can sit in the park, have a drink, lay down here, do what we want to do, run our own race...we enjoy ourselves, dead set. I love it. – Trevor Wilson

The film enjoyed a cinema release in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra and was a finalist in the AFI awards.