Winters Harvest (Raccolta d'inverno)

1980, 37 minutes

Directed by:Brian McKenzie

In the outer suburbs of Melbourne, families recently arrived from Calabria continue habits and traditions from their villages. They raise pigs and slaughter them to make salami and other meats. Over the Winter month of June the families combine to assist each other on week-ends until each family has their own supply of meats - butchered, minced and spiced to each’s recipes. They are smoked in garages and sheds in their backyards. On week days, they work in factories or in greengrocer shops. The government’s agricultural department are cracking down on the practice of backyard slaughtering, and this threatens the families’ control of their food. To make the film it was a requirement to include a sequence filmed in the abattoir to demonstrate the modern, hygienic manner of slaughter.

Winner of the Rouben Mamoulian award at the Sydney Film Festival, 1980